Ventilation of various rooms is aimed at processing large volumes of air masses from pollution, regulating the air temperature to ensure comfort without harming health.


Ventilation of various rooms is aimed at processing large volumes of air masses from pollution, regulating the air temperature to ensure comfort without harming health. Nowadays, a ventilation system can help solve problems with poor air exchange. For this system to work well, you need to sometimes carry out a complete cleaning of the equipment. And for this you need to know what duct cleaning service near me.

What is duct prevention for?

Over time, the ventilation system tends to fill with dust and grease, after which it interacts with moisture and firmly settles on the inner walls of the line.

This contamination of the ventilation system can lead to poor ventilation and to a change in aerodynamic properties, which is a great danger to human life and health, provided that the coating of wet fat and dust is an excellent habitat for various bacteria and even insects.

Air duct contaminated with dust and grease is potentially fire hazardous, can easily ignite!

It should be noted that air ducts, which have a layer of dust and grease, can easily ignite, as they do not meet fire safety rules. If a fire suddenly starts, it can spread throughout the room or touch neighboring buildings.

Practice a professional approach to cleaning the ducts of your ventilation system

The specificity of the tasks is such that it requires the use of both special technical tools and technical means, up to the use of cleaning robots, and the skills and experience of a specialist.

Robots for cleaning ventilation systems (ductwork)

To date, special robots have been developed for examining and cleaning the rectangular and circular section of the ventilation system duct.

Types of maintenance of ventilation systems

The presence of dirt on the air ducts can lead to malfunctioning of the entire ventilation system. The first sign of the need for system maintenance is a change in ventilation performance.

Inspection of ventilation and obtaining information on contamination

If the general condition of the air has changed for the worse, you should immediately check the appearance of the ventilation network and inspect the air ducts from the inside, as far as possible. Most often, even a quick inspection of the air ducts allows you to understand that the ventilation system needs the necessary prevention.

If you could not check the system yourself, you must immediately contact the specialists so that, with the help of the necessary equipment, they can make the necessary check of the ventilation system and identify malfunctions in operation.

Cleaning the ventilation system

The method of cleaning the ducts of the ventilation system is based on the nature of the pollution and the type of ventilation line. At the moment, 2 methods of cleaning the ventilation system are used: mechanical and chemical.

Chemical method of cleaning ventilation ducts

A chemical method of cleaning the section of the ventilation system is often used to remove fatty deposits that have grown on air ducts; such contaminants are usually found in public catering, forges, and so on. A special agent, which is sprayed in the cut of the air ducts, spreads through the system, coming into contact with a coating of fat, changes its mechanical properties. Fat deposits begin to lose their properties, fly off the walls of the ventilation system and are destroyed by passing air. This method can be effective when there is little plaque.

Mechanical method of cleaning ventilation ducts

With the help of vacuum pumps and other technical materials, a mechanical method of cleaning the ventilation system is performed. A pump is connected to the hole located at the outlet of the ventilation system, and devices for cleaning the network are placed at the beginning. The system is mechanically cleaned with special brushes. They rotate and separate the plaque from the walls of the duct, and as a result, pieces of this plaque are picked up by the air and carried away into the pump attached to the outlet. The mechanical method of cleaning the ventilation system is quite difficult and requires effort, but it is the most effective way to get rid of contamination.

Cleaning the ventilation duct with dry ice

There is another modern method for cleaning the ventilation system using dry ice pellets.

Everyone remembers well that when dry ice gets into the water, it hisses strongly - carbon dioxide is released. The essence of this technique is physically similar to mechanical cleaning, but differs fundamentally.

So the ice granules walk along the duct and destroy the fatty deposits. Where the granules come into contact with the plaque, a small explosion occurs, it is the same hiss with the release of CO2, with the help of which the fat breaks down and flies away along with the passing air.

In order to ensure complete removal of fat deposits, additional technical devices can be used, for example, a fan.

The main advantage of this method is that it does not have a destructive abrasive effect on the walls of the duct.

Destruction of infections in the ventilation system

After the system has been cleaned, it needs to be disinfected. The methods used for cleaning air ducts only remove various contaminants, but also the ventilation network must be cleaned of various microbes and bacteria. Air ducts, in which there is pollution, are an excellent habitat for various microorganisms, which, in the absence of ultraviolet radiation and other methods of disinfection, multiply to incredible sizes. You can clean the system of infections with various aerosols, liquids and other drugs, but at the same time, you need to take into account the purpose of the room, because some reagents can be used in different cases so that they do not affect the life and health of people.

The entire ventilation system must be disinfected, otherwise infections will spread within the network.

At the moment, there are many companies that can offer their services for a comprehensive survey and cleaning of the ventilation system. Technical capabilities allow to carry out the work quickly and well so that the ventilation network finds a new life.


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